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snowaltz's translation archive
the other day, i...
Songs 2014.07  
21st-Jun-2014 10:19 pm
Highlights: Ueda and Nakamaru shared some insights on their new album, come Here, as well as random tidbits about themselves.

*Please credit me (snowaltz@livejournal) if you like to repost my translation. If you want to translate it to another language, please go ahead.

Songs 2014.07

▶ Question: The new song, “In Fact”, is the theme song for the drama “First Class”, which Nakamaru is starring in. How has the filming been?
Nakamaru: It’s been going smoothly.
Ueda: But isn’t it difficult on the set since there are so many women?
N: Are you an idiot (laughs) Even though there can be misunderstandings, the set has a harmonious atmosphere.

▶ Ueda said for the coupling songs, “Birds” left him the strongest impression. He thought that the tune of the song was something they (KAT-TUN) didn’t have before.
For Nakamaru, it’ll be “MY SECRET”.

▶ Ueda said they’ve taken into consideration their age and are producing more adult (mature) songs in “come Here” album.
Nakamaru said the theme for the concert is “Come to our home”.

▶ Nakamaru decided on his solo song when he thought that he can dance with it.
Ueda said his song is possibly a mixture of rock and dance. The song will also have a rap in it. The lyrics have an arrogant feel, depicting the way (I) live.
N: Will the title be “I’m haughty” (laughs)
U: What’s that? (laughs) It will be more like “I’m a giant” (laughs)
N: Ahahaha!

▶ Ueda said he only gave 80% effort during Katsumode and he won because of luck. [T/N: That is only 80%!?]

▶ Ueda said the seats in Tokyo International Forum are very near (to the stage). He sees it as a precious opportunity to (be able to) perform there again.

▶ Nakamaru said it’s thanks to the audience (fans) that they are able to have a countdown concert last year. Other than KAT-TUN themselves wanting to do it, fans need to say they “want to see it” before it can happen.

▶ Ueda said his image of a perfect man is someone who is sincere and kind. One who has high tolerance, and has kindness of an adult. Surprisingly, he has a sharp tongue and many have said he is scary. Hence, he has started to take note of others’ feelings. Manners is also important.
Nakamaru said it is someone who can come up with surprises, whether it is to men, women, for a present or during performance. He can’t do that so he’s envious of those who can.

▶ Ueda and Nakamaru said the introduction part of “In Fact” will increase their tension (get them excited).

▶ Ueda said Karuizawa is his favourite location. He has visited the place many times. The greenery along the roads makes him feels good, even when he is asleep with the car window drawn down. The air and water are clean and the food is delicious there. [T/N: I’m curious who is the one driving. By the way, Ueda has like travelling to Karuizawa since 2008.]
Nakamaru said his favourite locations are his home and inside the moving car. The car is specially for the members and they also use it. He will spend his drama filming free time inside the car and he felt relaxed doing that. He wondered if it is because he has become comfortable with the car. 

▶ Ueda said his (summer fashion) is to dress in a cooling way, with sleeveless white coloured clothes.

▶ Ueda said he bought a cap recently and is wearing that quite often.
Nakamaru said he doesn’t really wear accessories but wearing a watch is a necessity for him. He is recently wearing a watch which is both suitable for casual and formal outfits.

▶ Ueda said he bought a sofa and TV recently. And since it is now summer, he has bought a wind chime too.
Nakamaru likes calming colours for interior design (of his house). As he likes camouflage, he has mostly shades of beige, khaki, and dark brown. His sofa is of a greyish shade.

▶ Ueda will play the night before his off day until morning. Then he will sleep till evening. He will wake up, exercise and eat. During his previous off day, he spent the day boxing.
Nakamaru will make his way out on his off day if the weather is good. If it’s a rainy day, he will go to the cinema. He prefers to watch the movie in a theatre as compared to watching the DVD in his house.

▶ Ueda elaborated on the cap he bought recently. He walked into a shop and thought the cap looked good. Ueda said he isn’t materialistic and doesn’t buy many things, but it could be that he doesn’t see many things that he likes.
Nakamaru said his new blu-ray recorder arrived today. He was previously using an older model and thought he will upgrade what he had to improve the video quality of World Cup matches.

*"T/N" denotes "translator's notes".
21st-Jun-2014 04:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing!!!
21st-Jun-2014 05:04 pm (UTC)
MY SECRET is my favorite track too:D

Can't wait for their solo songs.

Thank you<3
23rd-Jun-2014 07:55 am (UTC)
It's always fun to note their favourite songs and see if they like the same songs as us ;)
21st-Jun-2014 05:19 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to hear what their solos will sound like.

Ueda and Nakamaru said the introduction part of “In Fact” will increase their tension (get them excited).
I love the intro of In Fact, especially Ueda's part *___*

Their ideal people sound awfully like each other :P

The cap Ueda wore in the In Fact game corner suits him. He looked really cute xD.

This was a nice read. Thanks for sharing!
23rd-Jun-2014 07:57 am (UTC)
I just want to say thank you for always leaving comments, it's fun to read what you think of the interview^^

Their ideal people sound awfully like each other :P
I must confess this is why I wanted to translate this interview /bias :P

Yea, I thought Ueda looks really cute wearing tha cap! And my heart went doki doki when he smiled :D
24th-Jun-2014 02:14 am (UTC)
I'm Maruda-biased too so it's fun discussing them with other fans :D
A lot of their charm as a pair *cough*shipping material*cough* seems to come from mag interviews so thank you for taking the time to translate ^^
23rd-Jun-2014 02:09 am (UTC)
Why is their perfect man characteristics kinda refers to one another fufufu

I almost went to Karuizawa during my trip to Japan! Sadly I have to take it out from my schedule due to time constraint :(

Thank you for translating! As always, robamaru's interview is always a pleasant read~
23rd-Jun-2014 07:59 am (UTC)
Why is their perfect man characteristics kinda refers to one another fufufu
I know right! I was flailing up and down when I read that part!!

Please go there next time! I want to visit too.

And thank you for waiting for me to translate this ;) I work better when I know there are others waiting fufufu.
23rd-Jun-2014 08:20 am (UTC) -

I just love them!
hontoni thank u so much <33
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