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snowaltz's translation archive
the other day, i...
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14th-Feb-2016 01:52 am - KAT-TUN's Jnet Video 2016.02.13

Highlights: KAT-TUN announced that they will be going on a hiatus after their concert in 1 May 2016. They will be working on their solo activities and will not be disbanding.

If you’re feeling lonely, please give me a callCollapse )
21st-Jun-2014 10:19 pm - Songs 2014.07
Highlights: Ueda and Nakamaru shared some insights on their new album, come Here, as well as random tidbits about themselves.

Will the title be “I’m haughty” (laughs)Collapse )
6th-May-2013 11:15 pm - Wink Up 2013.06

Highlights: Robamaru (Ueda & Nakamaru) are up for running as the number 1 loving pair in Johnny's.

The husband and wife pair who have been through hardship and happiness togetherCollapse )

Translator's Note: Dear my fellow Robamaru fans, this is our chance to show that we love Robamaru (or rather let's try to help since they're up against strong competition >.<)!

As the vote must be supported with a description of "the moment when you feel the love between" them, it may be difficult for all of us to write in Japanese. But I guess it's the thought that counts, and Wink Up also didn't mention that we cannot write in English ;)

Nevertheless, below is an email message template that you may wish to consider using:

Email message template for Wink Up Number 1 Loving PairCollapse )


ETA (14 May 2013): According to @Winkup_henshubu's tweet, Robamaru is the No.2 pairing as of now for this contest! No.1 is YamaChine (Hey! Say! JUMP) and No.3 is Fumaken (Sexy Zone).

The contest closes on 27 May 2013.

I am now offering a 1-sentence translation for your "the moment when you feel the love between them". As I'm not proficient in my Japanese, please try to keep your sentence short. Please leave a comment in this entry & I'll try my best to translate it into Japanese for you.

Let's help Robamaru win this! \(^.^)/
This guide will cover:
1) How to download Dangan Pirates (KT entag game) on iTunes app store even when you're living outside Japan. (I don't use android, so I can't help you for that platform.)
2) Some basic things to look out for in order to get the KAT-TUN cards.

This entry is intended for players who have a minimum understanding of Japanese. The whole game is in Japanese, it's going to be challenging if you can't understand the language at all. I try as much to be specific but I'm sorry my real life won't allow me to answer many questions after this entry.

And many thanks to starry_glitter for all the game tips(^-^)/

Aye, Pirates!Collapse )
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